Friday, 11 March 2011

The Trendy Workshop

For all you creatives, designers at heart, or simply everyone tired of always finding the same things in the shops, the following website is for YOU!!!!

The Trendy Workshop is a website enabling you to create your own cardigan, jumper or dress according your own taste and imagination.

The steps to follow are very simple.

  • You have to create your profile, as each of your creations will remain on your user profile, for people to see them and buy if they are interested. As a matter of fact, you also have a gallery reassembling all the creations, for the ones not willing to construct their outfit but to find interesting and original creations by others.
  • Go to “Create”
  • Your gender
  • The cut of the outfit ( basic, oversize, teddy)
  • The Fabric ( Light cashmere, cashmere, cotton)
  • Dress? Cardigan? Jumper?
  • And then, you can have fun personalizing each component of the item: the color, the sleeves, the length, the collar, fantasy details, belts…
Then, your creation is saved on the website, and available for who wishes to purchase it.

I just looooove this concept, which gives everyone the chance of letting its imagination traduce in a personal outfits! Plus, the price is really reasonable and at this moment, there is a 20% discount if you order a woman’s creation! A very Refreshing concept, I really invite you to discover by clicking here.

Here below, you will find my personal creation, which is, if interested, available by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Popy,
Thank you for this great tip. I just ordered some items :)
btw I love your blog!
Have a nice week end!

Popy said...

It's a really great concept isn't ??
Happy you liked it :-)
Thank you for your nice words on the blog!

Tristan de Montebello said...

Thank you for the nice post Popy.
Nice personal creation, it's going to look great.


Popy said...

Thank you for the nice message!!
Really loved the concept! Can't wait to receive my personal creation! Wishing you the very best with the website!