Monday, 21 March 2011

Back To The Future!

Irina Werning, a young Argentinean photographer, undertook an artistic project around an original concept, inviting people for a trip into their past… with her camera.

As a reflection on time and lost moments, the photographer brings the subjects back to their childhood while recreating the exact pose, scenery and photographic method of a past photograph of them, in order to see how the present subject will look like in its personal past. For the artist, the most interesting part of recreating these photographs is “imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today…”

I find this project so touching and also fascinating, in how it illustrates the fact that people change but remain in essence exactly the same… Time is just what makes us age but in the end of the day, we still are the same person we were years ago. The photographs also reflects on feelings between, mother and daughter, brothers and sisters, husband and wife and, consequently, in a way, represent the continuity of love which perpetuates through time!

Also, I find that this series carry a palpable nostalgia of time that goes by and take moments from us while never giving them back. With this project, the artist, in a way, in the time frame of the pose, gives the possibility to go back, to grasp for a second these lost instants.

By the way, this is an ongoing project, so should you be interested to take the pose and are in NY, Boston or Europe, do not hesitate and send an e-mail to the artist at


S. said...

What a great concept! I love it! Very poetic and touching.
What have we done with our lives? where are we compared to where we hoped to be, who are we and what have we done with our dreams, those are existentials questions that we all spend our lives trying to answer and these pictures definitely reflect that!
Thxs for this great article

G.M said...

Catching up on the blog after.a few days absence, I was fascinated by these photos. A very clever idea, people don't really change much. A little, or a lot, fatter, or hairier, but I must say when the pose is the same it really gives you the passage of time. The expression or the way of holding one's head is there from the start. So is character, but of course that's harder to capture! That was fun!