Monday, 21 March 2011

Flare Up!

Emblem of the 70’s, the flare trousers will be a key piece of your wardrobe this spring. You might have guessed that already by the return of the 70’s on the runways! It is a very elegant item, creating a nonchalant and streched silhouette, making your legs seem infinite.

However, it could sometimes be hard to know how to wear it. As a matter of fact, with wide leg trousers, one should remain attentive to the balance of the outfit. By that I mean, that you should be careful not to wear a wide top as it could create a disgraceful silhouette. No need either to wear a very tight top but just to find the in-the-middle that suits. Also, heels, even small, come in as a must-have when we talk of flare trousers.

Here you will find a few illustration of how to wear these wide leg trousers given by stylish fashion bloggers who regularly post their outfits and who come in as real examples to follow.
Denim, prints, bright colors, camel, the flare trouser can be declined in so many ways while still carrying this retro vibe we tend to look for more and more.

As most often, the answer is Topshop....Here is my selection!

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