Thursday, 3 March 2011

Friends and Fashion!

"Good friends are like stars…You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there!”

I just love this quotation, as I think that it really says it all. Especially when growing up, while each of us tend to have our own lives, our own jobs etc, and thus now that it’s harder to see each other often like during the school years, it is important to know that the good friends are always there!!

While having dinner with my very good girl friends, I realized how important it is for my personal balance to meet regularly with them, to take the edge off and just realize that, in a way, we are all living the same kind of things, and I guess that I might not be the only one feeling that way…

Now, away from all the sentimental side ;-), I find quite fascinating how in a group of friends, you can find such different personalities that traduce in such different styles. All the unique elements create that group in which you feel a real part of and in which you are able to truly be yourself.

In matter of styles, you have the one that always dresses in a BCBG way adding her own little creativity, the one that always seems like throwing on the first outfit she saw in her wardrobe while always looking so stylish in the best effort-less way, the one with the particular style you will never dare to wear but that suits her sooo well, the one that tries to stick to a style that is not hers, the one not sure of herself but who always dresses well following her taste only regardless of the trends, and so on and so on…. As I said, each personality traduces in a very unique style and I just adore that! In my view, by looking at one’s style, you can easily get a glimpse at one’s personality and I find that just fascinating….

As one of the best illustrations, here is one of the most famous groups of girl friends you will surely recognize ;-) each of them very different and very loveable!!

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