Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A New Way Of Window Shopping!

In our modern world, in which technology is part of our everyday life, with our Ipads, computers, Ipods, to only name a few, everything has to be fast, and patience is overrated. Due to the internet, and modern technologies, we tend to think that the human relations are minimized and that we take less time meeting or speaking than before it all existed. It is absolutely true, but I would say that now, interaction should be seen as a kind of new relationship between people and people, and between people and the world. As, internet and the technologies enable us to interact more easily with people we do not know well as well as with the world around us.

In that extent, the French ballet brand Repetto took a plunge into the 21st Century by proposing a brand new and innovative concept, the interactive showcase!

Carried out by Marcel agency, using the movement detection technology, the showcase can be controlled by the viewers, with an arm movement (just like we would do on our Ipad with the finger), thus switching between 4 different scenes around the dance theme.

As it can be quite hard to picture, take a look at this short video to have a clearer idea of this great concept! Or even better, if you are in Paris, go and see it for yourself at the Repetto store, rue de la Paix.

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