Thursday, 17 March 2011

Louis Vuitton Double Exposure

Louis Vuitton launched a new series of film called Double Exposure, from which the one below is the first, featuring the globally respected conceptual artist and film maker Sam Taylor-Wood.

The films reflect on different ways of looking at a single person, different ways of exposing his personality to the world surrounding him. As a mater of fact, in this short films the chosen personalities which are seen as cultural innovator will be looked at and exposed through two very different means.

Firstly, their personal insights will be communicated through some of their valuable and treasured possessions relating to memories and stories. Thus, giving us a very unique peek into their intimacy. Secondly, the person will be revealed through photographic exposure, while one of the most oldest and authentic photographic method is used, the mercurial collodion wet plate process. It is quite a fastidious process as the person in front of the objective has to stay still for a long time just to take one picture. However, this technique reveals a very soft image carrying a beautiful stillness while at the same time motion seems to be captured by the light effects.

The short film which only lasts 5 min, really plunges us into Sam Taylor-Wood's universe, slowly rythmed by a calm melody and the artist's comments and explanations.

I cannot wait to discover the next films, but in the mean time, I really enjoy this one which proves once again that Louis Vuitton's aura and creative talent goes way beyond the fashion borders.

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S. said...

Great portrait thxs! Can't wait for the next one...