Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Sun Is Out!

As the weather starts to warm up and the sun is making its first real appearances I got thinking about which sunglasses I wanted to wear this summer! And while looking, I came across these very original sunglasses by Prada! I don't reckon that I'll be wearing them, but yet found them quite interesting in a creative way so wanted to share them with you.

I imagine you might have seen them before on Prada's ads for this season, along with the stripped fur scarves, in very colorful environment and settings.

These sunglasses carry, in my view, a very Alice In Wonderland vibe mixed with an Art Deco inspiration. A very unusual mix traducing in a very unusual item, it should be quite hard to wear without looking disguised. I guess apart if being Anna Dello Russo, it won't be quite easy.

However, I love more than anything the fantasy emanating from them!!!

Time to have fun, the sun is out!!!

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