Sunday, 6 March 2011

On The Runways In Paris!

After having seen some of the best looks in the streets of Paris, take a look at three of my favorite shows up until now: Lanvin, Isabelle Marant and Celine!

Three very different brands, leading to three very different collections and styles.... However, the three of them share the will of making "real" clothes wearable by modern women.

While one emphasizes more on the "chic", with a more austere collection with just the playfulness it needs, the other tends to carry a more youthful and bohemian vibe while the last concentrates on the minimalism of straight structures and classic cuts. In the first, blunt colors, mix of textures, in the second, shearling, fringes and bohemian prints and in the third, warm colors, geometric forms, conformity and clean lines.

In other words, these three shows presented different kinds of modern women, quite opposed but very compatible, to whom it is quite easy to relate to!


Isabelle Marant



G.M. said...

It is extraordinary how fashion is all over the place! There was a time when its dictates where much stricter, the hem line was up OR down, knee OR ankle length, we wore shirts OR floppy blouses, strict masculine type trouser suits OR feminine soft dresses, wide skirts OR pencil skirts. But now, with individuality so much to the fore in every domain...look at artists and writers ...everything is acceptable, and better still worn together! Well done the younger generation, no inhibitions in dress codes now!

Popy said...

You are so true!!! Individuality is everywhere!!!! And it's so great that we can have fun now in fashion after all these years of codes and rules!!