Monday, 7 March 2011

Color Up!

As you might have noticed already, COLOR will be THE name of the game this spring!!!

You could comment, and be quite right, that it isn’t very surprising for spring, as we often tend to indulge in colorful outfits as the mood lifts up with the sun and warmth.

But, this year we are taking one step further, by doing the un-darable: mixing strong colors!!! And adopting, what we call, "the block color" look, with your wardrobe turning into a dazzling palette of shades!!!

Furthermore, neon and flurorescent color are used, while in the past, they were associated to the street style, this season they have found their way in the most exclusive and chic designers’ collections and, in consequence, in many of our fashion icons wardrobes.

A thing that might have come in as the apotheosis of bad taste is strongly recommended this year. So don’t be shy and mix up red, orange, yellow, blue, pink!! While you are of course allowed to follow your inspiration as they are no rules, 3 color couples have stand out: yellow-blue, orange-pink and red-pink! Not only are colors mixing up in the entire look, we can even associate them in an outfit as the stripes are veryyy much back in….. so have fun and color up without ANY moderation!!!


S. said...

Ok, having just said that I'm not a color person, I must admit that I find all these color associations really beautiful!! Oh well...that's what women are all about when it comes to fashion...everything and its contrary...:-)

Popy said...

So true!!!! Well hope that until spring starts you'll get used to wearing a little more bright colors, it would suit you very well :-)