Monday, 7 March 2011

Go Nude!!

For all those reading my previous article and wondering: "How am I going to pull that look off, it's just NOT me???", then, this one is for you!!! For all you color-shy out there, note that the nude look we have started to see mostly in accessories last summer, will come back stronger this season.

As a great alternative to the rainbow brights, the nude and fleshtones can now be worn in total look and can very perfectly be associated with the ballerina trend ( my favorite!!!), for an ultimate feminine and delicate look!

One of the masters of that style is Chloe, who has for seasons now proposed discreet and subtle outfits in sheer tones!

Rainbow tones versus nude, will be THE duality present this spring, while the proof, once and for all, that fashion has freed itself from the claws of conformity!!


S. said...

I love the nude trend! I'm definitely not a color person and usually indulge myself in black and therefore for me nude is the new black. It goes with everything, very flattering and extremely chic. Hope this trend will last for a while

Popy said...

I love the nude too!!! Especially mixed with the ballerina trend ;-) and you're totally right: nude is the new black!