Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The "Keep All" Bag

After the PS1 we all dreamt about....

Here comes the Keep All....

For this new bag, Proenza Schouler let the satchel look aside for the shopper one, while still keeping the same kind of design, so that fashionistas like us do not be too puzzled... As a matter of fact, you can still find some of the appeal of the PS1 (the fold-over flap front with a lock and strap fastening) in this new model with the main differences being the way to wear it and the texture. The new model seems more textured and rigid opposed to the more slouchy side of the first while the new is worn over the shoulder or in the hand, the other would be across-the-body. Bear in mind, that both models exist in various colors and materials.

For my part, I am not sure that I like the Keep All very much, as I much prefer the more low-key look of the PS1. What about you?

For those seduced by the Keep All or for those finally succombing to the PS1 temptation, click here.

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