Thursday, 7 April 2011

Portrait Of The Week - Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis

Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis (1929-1994), born Bouvier, was known for her marriage to the 35th President of the United States John Fitzerald Kennedy. After his tragic death, she wed Greek shipping magnate, Aristote Onassis. Jacqueline Bouvier was a very intelligent young lady which obtained a French Literacy Diploma at Washington University and who spoke fluently English, French, Italian and Spanish, what would later on be quite useful in regards to her future husband’s electoral campaigns. It is after meeting him in 1952 that Jackie started to see John Fitzgerald Kennedy and it is after he got elected as Senator that he proposed. They got married in September 1953 and their union led to two children: John Kennedy Jr. and Caroline Kennedy.

When in January 1960, JFK announced his candidacy to the United States run for presidency, Jackie Kennedy got involved in his campaign and followed him in his trips when she could. When he was elected, they moved in the White House and she got in charge of a new task, redecorating it as she didn’t’ like the way Marie Eisenhower left the house.

While these were not only happy years for her, as her husband was know for having more than a wondering eye, she always imposed herself as a model of elegance, standing by her husband no matter what. Her courage and strength was even more illustrated by the way she stood at her husband’s funeral after having assisted directly to his savage murder. We all have in mind the image of Jackie Kennedy in her pink Chanel suit stained by her husband’s blood. While the rest is History, I would like, for the second part of the portrait to take a closer look to the once First Lady’s style and elegance as up until now she is considered as one of the most iconic and elegant women of the XXth Century.

Known for her neat skirts suits, Jacqueline Kenney knew just how to dress perfectly for every occasion. From casual elegance to extreme chic, Jackie Kennedy could be described as the perfect icon of the 60’s with her thick headbands, her perfect hair-dos, her pearl necklaces, her white gloves… It is fascinating how, even now, some designers and actors of the fashion industry still look at her style for inspiration. Also, the aura this women had around her, could explain how, more than 15 years after her death, people still look at her and speak about her with such admiration.

Take a walk back into Jackie Kennedy’s stylish universe…

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