Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Rockstud By Valentino

This year, Valentino neglected the flowers and bows for the more rock appearance of stud! As a matter of fact, as the past seasons, most of Valentino’s bags were ornamented by roses or bows……

This season its all about the Rockstud collection….

The bags are more rigid and, in a way, strict, while the stud give them just the twist needed not to fall into boring bags, thus giving a rock allure to the brand, something we wouldn’t have thought possible...

As a matter of fact, Valentino being all about utterly feminine and delicate looks, the “brutality” of studs comes in as a challenge to the brand’s habitual image. And, I like that idea very much. Even though I was a big fan of the flower and bow collections (and still am by the way) I surprisingly really like the new one too, as I find that the models are elegant and chic even though the studs…. The collection is very wide as you will find models ranging from medium leather bags to small or shoulder ones.

To see (and shop) the entire collection click here.

And here below you will find my personal selection…..

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