Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Are You In Koople?

During my last trip in Paris, I went by the Kooples shop, like each time, and was quite impressed by the collection (For those who do not know this brand well, click here to read my previous article on it). As always, the collection is quite limited, with very few article proposed, compared to other brands of the same category such as Sandro, Maje, etc. In a way, it makes you go straight to the point, quickly indentifying the articles you like and the collection looks “clean” and points to a clear direction. The Kooples got us used to presenting us, season after season, elegant and simultaneously rock looks, with tailored and precise outfits while playing on the masculine/feminine inside all of us (boys and girls).

This year, I loved numerous of articles and to tell you the truth, I could very possibly imagine my wardrobe composed by every single pieces of this collection. As said before, the fact that the collection is relatively small, gives you the opportunity of really grasping it and having a clear overview of it.

As I am a huuuuuge fan of lace, I was quite served as the collection offers, lace shirts, lace blouse, lace skirts, lace shorts, lace shoes…… You got it, in other words, lace everywhere!!!!
Also, I got seduced by the tailored shirts with a nice “Col Claudine” as well as by their famous blazers. Moreover, another particularity of the brand, is to offer basic items of a wardrobe with just the cut or the detail that make it particular and trendy.

Before presenting you my favorite pieces of the collection, take a look at a few images from their lookbook for this season, as I love their couples’s campaign.
(I took the images from Grazia.fr as I loved the way they pointed to a particular item on each of the photographs).

And now, my favorite pieces, will you agree....

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