Thursday, 17 February 2011

Couples are IN!

The Kooples, the very young French brand created by the Elicha brothers in 2008, sons of the founder of Comptoir des Cotonniers, revolves around the idea of “the couple”. As a matter of fact, the two brands share the same concept of couples, while Comptoir des Cotonniers relies on the couple mother-daughter, the Kooples revolves around the couple boyfriend-girlfriend (husband-wife).

Surfing on the feminine-masculine wave, The Kooples offers rock and trendy outfits, for stylish couples sharing their wardrobes. Colors are quite neutral and sober, and leather as well as jean fabrics are often used. Also, special attention is given to small details that change everything like, for example, skull buttons that you can find on shirts, cardigans and even blazers.

While I love the clothes, I love even more the ad campaign in which are represented real couples!! Castings are organized during which they recruit stylish couples to represent their brand and advertise their clothes. I just adooore this concept which will never get old! On the ad, you can find the label plus the name of the boy and the girl along with the number of months or years they have been together, thus highlighting the veracity of these couples.

The brand is directed towards fashion, art and music lovers as on the website you can find a calendar of expositions and concerts from around the world. As a matter of fact, the website is a concept of its own, I would recommend you to check out by clicking here.

Also, by taking one step further, The Kooples is creating a new music label "rock&folk" in regards of which, should you be musicians AND in couple, you are invited to send your demos, pictures and videos at:

Take a look at a selection of my favorite stylish couples!

You might be next?? ;-)


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G.M said...

I had no idea that the models were real life couples. What a lovely idea. Their ads are very well done and absolutely eye-catching! I'm off to see their site right now. Couples and Kooples are IN

Popy said...

@ GM: love the idea too!!! ;-)