Friday, 6 May 2011

McQueen Kate!

One week after the royal wedding, take look at Grazia's cover for the issue on the event... I really like everything about it from the layout to the colors to the name to the “Arise Macqueen Kate” line!

Notice how the Duchess of Cambridge looks soo thin? Well, apparently a few blogs have implied that Grazia had altered the image of the Princess to make her look slimmer. At these allegations, Grazia responded the following “Grazia prides itself on being a publication that champions women and women’s bodies, and we have no reason to make Catherine Middleton appear thinner” and “Grazia did not make any changes to the image of the Duchess of Cambridge in order to make her look slimmer than she is. We did, however, remove the Duke; and the Duchess' arm was adapted in order to fill in the resulting gap.”

It is nice to find out that some magazines still have that kind of conscience.


G.M. said...

I had heard that Catherine Middleton lost 5 pounds between her engagement and her wedding....well any bride does that, but someone in her situation, knowing that the world will be watching, can certainly be excused for losing more weight than necessary! People magazines were already speculating that she had an eating disorder... (memories of Lady Diana). But really just nerves. She looked wonderful, and her dress was perfect, the whole wedding a great show.

Popy said...

I completely agree!!! She was just perfect and even looked so zen!!!! She will surely quickly regain those pounds now! xx