Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Dirty Pretty Things At Glastonbury!

As mentioned a few posts ago, summer is all about festival season with each festival having its own genre and style and in consequence, its own dress code… After Coachella, here comes the British Glastonbury. Hunter boots are THE passport to the festival with the muddy ground being one of the event’s signatures. The crowd at Glastonbury is very much laid-back and edgy and the style appears to be less thought through than Coachella’s. The muddy surroundings as well as the recurrent presence of the rain do add a spirit to the festival and influence the style!

Let’s take a walk in the “streets” of Glastonbury!

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G.M. said...

this year, festival goers were very worried because it was so dry that officially there was almost a drought. But luckily enough some torrential rain created the Glastonbury trade mark....mud. So everyone looked happy again wading through it in fashionable boots, of course.