Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fashion Snickers!

The street style is becoming “au gout du jour” with the snickers invading every fashionista’s wardrobe….

At this extent, a few brands, even the luxurious ones, have come up with their own model of snickers.
As for exemple Louboutin and Zadig&Voltaire which you can see here below.

For my part, I am not sure that I will fall for that trend, as I have a problem with the un-feminine side of it, as well as the bulky look. However, I must say that I like the “cool” vibe the snickers create and impose on the entire outfit.

This trend also comes in as yet another challenge of borders between genres in fashion… As a matter of fact, normally reserved exclusively to men’s wardrobes, the snickers have exported themselves, since a couple of seasons already, to the women’s like, by the way, the blazer, the smoking trousers, the “boyfriend” jean, the derbies, etc…
It seems as if women have a lot to take from the men’s clothing while on the other hand not many outfits travel from the women to the men…. Hmmm interesting thought to reflect on…:-)


soraya said...

jadore les zadig!

Popy said...

Elles sont en solde!! Profite :-))xx