Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Family Business

Interested to see who is behing the Frend brand "The Kooples"?? Well, if so this article is for you.

As matter of fact, made a stop at The Kooples showroom in Place Vendôme in Paris in order to meet the Elicha brothers, the talents behind the brand...You will notice that, the three of them, just breath the brand and represent just in a perfect way their brand image. Also, I find them very attaching and nice, no wonder their family business became such a success story...

Plus, you will be lucky to have a sneak peek to their spring/summer 2012 collection which is, as you will notice, quite different from their pasts.. As a matter of fact, dark colors have been replaced by lighter pastels tones and the more fitted structures by oversized ones. However, the essence of the brand remains through some basics such as structured and fitted vests, and we are very happy for that!

Click here and enjoy!

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