Monday, 21 February 2011

After New York, Say Hello to London!!

London is calling all the fashionistas from around the world as it is the city's turn to welcome the Fashion Week. We are now day 4 of the event and so its time for me to share with you my favorite looks so far for F/W 2011-2012, seen from the eyes of inspiring designers.


Betty Jackson


Jasper Conran

So far, my favorite runway show has been Mulberry's for its classicism enhanced by a playful twist. Autumn and winter 2011-2012 will be anything but dull at Mulberry, as color and metallic effects are used, transforming every look into a unique one with each time just the perfect accessory. Also, another detail to point out is that, thankfully, the "Alexa bag" will still be THE bag of the season thus perpetuating the satchel look season after season. For my part, would just die for the metallic bronze duffle coat, for being just a great interpretation of this typical british coat, by the talented Emma Hill, who is behind all that creativity!

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