Friday, 4 February 2011

How to stay stylish in winter??

With the extreme cold we have been enduring these past few days and weeks, warm coats, scarves and gloves became the basics of our wardrobe.

A myth has been going on that we have to choose between keeping warm and being stylish and trendy. Well, my answer to that is: OF COURSE NOT. I would even be tempted to say the contrary, that we can have much more fun and pull off even trendier looks with nice coats considering the variety of styles we can choose from. This winter for example, we could pick our choice between capes, duffle coats, long fur coats, shearling coats, and aviator shearling jackets. What was your favorite trend? As for myself, I went with the duffle coat, the cape and the shearling coat ;-) Hence, having 3 different options in order not to find winter toooo long!!!!

Here are a few girls who pulled off the winter-chic look perfectly, thus being the living proof that one can have fun dressing up even in the cold winter!

Just love the mix between the little girl, represented by the straight skirt and the white collar jumper, and the lady with the long vintage-look fur coat.

You see how in this look the cape does it all? Worn with casual pants, black boots and bag, the entire look is defined by this beige cape!!

This one is my personal favorite!! Love the black cape, the leather and fur gloves, the black scarf, the black pumps, which create all together an elegant, feminine and classy look. The bonus of the look: the thick-framed glasses.

Love the casualness of the duffle coat mixed with the fancyness of the fur scarf!

Here is an example of how to keep a low-key look with a fur jacket!

A look to get inspired by without any moderation!!

And here's to this Winter's Star, the shearling coat!!!

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