Thursday, 3 February 2011

Jewels by T: Meet my good friend Tina Marcos

Graduate Gemologist based in Geneva, Tina’s passion for jewels lead her to create her own line, Jewels by T, after having worked for several luxury jewelry and watch companies. More precisely, it is after having interned at the Diamond Bourse in Tel Aviv with a company specialized in yellow diamonds that she took the plunge and created her own collection in 2008.

Diamonds being her signature stone, her collection is the definition of feminism and elegance in which we can see the influences of her multicultural background as Tina was born in Brazil, raised in Geneva while also lived in London, New York and Tel Aviv.

In her collection, you will find a great variety of diamond necklaces, earrings and rings, all embodying a sense of elegance and purity. Tina’s jewelry pieces would lift up an outfit to another level thus giving it just the touch of feminity and romantism we all love to indulge in. Worn with a casual jeans or a cocktail dress, her jewels literally lighten the outfit with great delicacy.

Being creative while keeping the models elegant and wearable on an everyday basis, is one of Tina’s line great qualities. In other words, a collection revealing timeless beauty with timeless pieces we could imagine wearing and wearing continuously as diamonds are forever, aren’t they?!

I will let you take a look at some of my favorite pieces as I think that the collection speaks for itself.

Also, for a wider view of the pieces Tina offers, do not wait and take a look at her beautiful website by clicking here.

You should note that many additional pieces aren’t featured on the website so, should you wish to find out more on Jewels by T. , do not hesitate to contact Tina Marcos who will do you the pleasure of welcoming you around a tea/coffee and presenting her collection.

As for more practical information, please bear in mind that she offers a wide range of models ranking from 850 chf to 5’500 chf. (You will find her contacts at the end of the article).

But, in the meantime to learn more about this talented jewelry designer, here is an interview I did of my very good friend, Tina.

Popy: To start, please tell us, where does your passion for jewels come from?

Tina: Since my childhood: always loved to see my mother wearing nice pieces of jewelry.
When I was a kid, I used to go with her to buy jewelry at this very elegant and nice woman: already in my mind wanted to be like her! It became a reality….many many years later!

P.: Your ultimate jewelry piece?
T.: For everyday: solitaire earrings studs
BUT the Ultimate: “riviere de diamants” necklace

P.: Your favorite stone?
T.: Without any doubt DIAMOND!
Actually all my collection until now is only made in gold ( white, yellow or rose 18kt gold) with Diamonds.
Diamond represent for me: elegance, pureness, romantism

P.: Your definition of elegance?
T.: Grace, Beauty, refinement/ finesse & simplicity

P.: Your favorite personal creation?
T.: One of my last creation: long diamond earrings

P.: Your favorite jewelry designer?

T.: I love Graff for their very elegant (white and yellow) diamond rings, but as we are in Geneva, there is one jeweler that I really like: Adler: very fine pieces, delicate and always beautiful.

P.: Your favorite fashion designer?

T.: Karl Lagerfeld, Garavani Valentino and Elie Saab.

P.: Your fashion icon?
T.: Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn: they represent for me “ la classe & l’élégance”
Today…. Not really my fashion icon but I like the way Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively are dressed sometimes.

P.: 3 things you can’t live without:
T.: First (here again without any doubt!!) my blackberry! I have my life inside.

Then my Earrings: you will NEVER see me without Any Earrings: I actually feel Naked without
A Bag: do you know a lot of woman than can live without a bag ;-)

Contact Her
Tina Marcos
Quai du Mont Blanc
+41 76 377 20 55

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