Thursday, 3 February 2011

On your shoulder!

It seems as if the satchel look, we have been seeing for a few months now, initiated by bags such as the “Alexa” by Mulberry, is here to last for at least one more season.

By the way, do you know how the creator, Alexa Chung, got the idea? Well, she very simply mixed two of Mulberry’s renowned bags: the “Walter” a men’s briefcase with the iconic “Bayswater”. This hybrid model turned out to be one of the best-sellers of the brand which was on waiting lists for months especially the oak one. But, good news, it is now available on the net!!

Anyway, why do we love the satchel look so much? Maybe because of the casual, low-key, androgynous style it gives to an outfit. Or even because it is, let’s face it, so practical…. Having your hands completely free, simply throwing the bag on your shoulder and forgetting it there. Furthermore, the love for the satchel look could come from a certain nostalgia of our student years with the carelessness and recklessness it embodies.

There below, is a selection of some of my favorites, to wear without moderation this summer.(They are all available on

Mulberry (Alexa)
Miu Miu
Proenza Schouler
Mulberry (Tillie)

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