Sunday, 27 February 2011

Live from MFW : Pucci A/W 2011-2012

Saturday night will be a night to remember for me as I got the chance of realizing one of my dreams, to attend a top designer fashion show!! And let me tell you that it exceeded all my expectations, and it has to do with the fact that it wasn’t just a random fashion show, it was Emilio Pucci’s!! This should be saying it all in matter of the level of fashion that was featured. Such an exhilarating and fascinating experience I wish to share with you!!!

The show took place at the Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan, a beautiful palace that acted as a baroque setting for the show. The place spoke of its own, and no artifice or additional decoration was used, with elegant white benches as seating. Before the show started, just to look at all the VIP of the fashion world was already breath-taking, if you take in consideration that many of them are real role models for me, and I guess for most of you fashion lovers out there too. To only cite a few names, were present: Emmanuel Alt, Anna Wintour, Poppy Delevigne, Anna Dello Russo and, of course, Laudomia Pucci who brought Pucci's family's personal touch to the show. The elegance and style that was seen amongst the audience acted as a show of its own and as a prelude to the “real” show, which was about to start.

Lights turned off, and then a few seconds later, the spotlights were back on, the music started and appeared the first model, strolling down the runway. And from that moment, the collection revealed to us, in a rythmed and dynamic march of the models wearing a thick loose braid as hair-do, in this dreamy setting. The collection was absolutely sumptuous, as what Peter Dundas got us used too, since he took the lead of the creation two years ago.

Lace, transparency games, corseted hourglass dresses, golden embellished black dresses with a baroque style, reinterpreted famous Pucci print dresses, feather dresses, fur coats, were in a few words some of the highlights of the collection. Great emphasize was given on the back, as many dresses featured a bear back, or most beautifully a lace-up back, creating a surprise when the models went by. Breath-taking sequin dresses, velvet embellished ones with crystal arrayed in diamond patterns, came in as real treasures and statement pieces to die for. Tailored vest along with double-breasted blazers were seen mostly on the men models as part of the capsule collection for men that Dundas was starting. Regarding the colours, emerald green, kaki, royal and navy blue, purple and black were the main colours used, alongside to the familiar Pucci prints that we can NEVER be tired of.

In other words, an entirely successful A/W 2011-2012 collection, which comes in as an ode to feminism and refinement, bearing a little twist, with each outfit enhancing the beauty of the woman’s body with many “close-to-the-body” structures.

Take a look at my favourite looks from the show along with the video, in order to grasp the atmosphere and listen to the soundtrack that I absolutely loooooved!!! (Those are obviously not my pictures. As a matter of fact, I wanted to indulge fully into the experience while not loosing a second of it, reason why I renounced doing my own photos! :-))



S. said...

Great article! Your enthusiasm is certainly contagious and I felt as if I was there too, the description being so vivid and precise. Thxs and btw looooove the collection too :-)

Anonymous said...

After watching the video I also have to say you've found the perfect words to describe the show!!! Thanks for sharing the experience with us :-))))

Anonymous said...

I really love your comments.The Pucci show was a delight Keep on...GP

Popy said...

Thank you both for your very nice comments!!! Happy you liked the article!! xx