Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Away Project

Following my earlier post on the new football jersey of the French National Team, I wished to share with you “The Away Project”.

As a cooperation between Nike and the French concept store Colette, the project revolves around the new jersey in stripped white and blue lines and comes in as a celebration of French patriotism. As a matter of fact, the Marinière, the iconic French print has been used to reinterpret products from brands such as Chanel, Lonchamp, Hermès, MontBlanc and Ladurée. Note that the products are limited editions with restricted numbers of items available.

The products are quite amusing and elegant and mostly, unique. Plus, you will see that the price range is quite wide as you will find pieces at 16 Euros as well as at 2'300 Euros.

Take a look at my selection ( you will see the label, the price and the number of items available). Should you wish to purchase something, do not wait and click here!

Swatch, 45 Euros, 200
Lonchamp, 97 Euros, 100
YSL, 52 Euros, 100
Chanel, 1450 Euros, 11
MontBlanc, 2'500 Euros, 5
Ladurée, 16 Euros, 300
Hermès, 292 Euros, 300
Colorware, Iphone 4 3G, 2'300 Euros, 3
Merci Gustave, 53 Euros

The corner at Colette store will be in place until the 9th of April.

Moreover, as today will be the first time the French National Soccer Team will be playing with this “Away Shirt” I found quite nice to show you a little video around it.

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