Monday, 11 April 2011

Get The Same Cheaper...

As I was strolling down the bag feature of Asos website this morning, while giving in to my new "window" shopping obsession, I came across the bag here below, and just couldn't not notice the ressemblance with a bag I saw in MiuMiu's store this week-end.

Judge by yourself, the resemblance is quite striking...



Now, this gets me to wonder, until which point is the brand important?? By that I mean, how important is it for you to have the original? In other words, does it add substantially to your pleasure to own the item from a prestigious brand? Or are the effect and the style created the most important goals?

If I should answer these questions, for my part, I would say that the quality plays a non-negligible role when I am choosing a bag and that my choice will differ according to the kind of bag, of model it is. More precisely, if the bag is an item I would describe as “a classic” or that I would see myself wearing for a few years, than I would definitely prefer paying the higher price as I would want a bag that will last over the years. On the other hand, if it is a more fantasist one, I would maybe settle for a cheaper brand… Then, of course, some bags are intrinsically linked to the brand as Chanel or Valentino, and in that case I would rather have the original or none at all! :-)

To get the MiuMiu, click here!
To get the Fiorelli, click here!

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