Saturday, 14 May 2011

Would You Dare?

After Blake Lively (click here to se my previous article), time for another Gossip Girl star to surprise by an audacious choice of dress....

As a matter of fact, Jessica Szohr decided to go for a quite revealing dress at a Hollywood party. If one would have described that dress to me, without seeing at the picture, I would have directly thought that the outfit would turn out very vulgar and extremely tasteless... However, I am quite surprised as I do not find her vulgar and even quite like the dress on her. She managed to pull that look off, like Blake did too, and I guess that not everyone could have done it that way.
Also, I love the derbies worn with that dress as they are just the perfect details bringing the look down a notch to a more low key and less sophisticated style.... Perfect choice!

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