Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Discover Urban Outfitters!

During my trips to the US and London, there is one shop I never miss out on, Urban Outfitters.

I have loved it for years now for its staggered and vintage style. You often find unique pieces that you won’t ever find anywhere else for a very affordable price. I highly recommend jeans and trousers from Urban Outfitters’ own brand “BDG” which have a great cut, comfy and flattering. Also, this shop is also known for its graphic and printed tees with messages which will spice up a simple outfit… Let’s not forget, the wide range of accessories (belts, shoes, sunglasses, headbands, jewels) you can find there....

Just by talking about it I would love to be in London right now, shopping in Urban Outfitters…..Luckily there is always the internet ;-)!

For those of you who don’t know the shop, here are some of the looks for this season (my favorites)….
And for those, who like me already love Urban Outfitters, enjoy…. 

Notice Christopher Kane's inspired Cambridge Satchel Company Neon Satchel, available in orange and pink... My personal crush...

To shop, click here!

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