Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Trend Alert: The Split Skirt!

At first glance, the “split skirt” can seem vulgar, un-classy and particularly un-flattering, however it seems that fashion once more proves us wrong as this new trend (or should I say, as always, this come-back?) looks very much appealing from the runways to the red carpet.

Moreover, I read an article on this new trend and the writer who seemed to have tested it, as I haven’t, appeared to say that the 2011 split skirt is everything but vulgar, revealing just what has to be revealed to appear sexy and feminine without falling in the vulgar territory…. Also, the woman said that the cuts were thought in a way to keep the outfit practical, for you not to have to be thinking every second about what you are showing to the world….

In other words, if not a must-have, at least a must-try? Don’t you agree? If so, time to pamper your legs and make them ready to be revealed just slightly more than usual…

Here are some examples...Note that the 2011 split skirt (or dress, actually) is worn, like the major trend this season by the way, looooong.

1 comment:

Mariana said...

Love it !
First get the legs ready and then the split skirt steady !