Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Spectacular Debut!

The Haute-Couture Fashion Week Fall 2011 happening in Paris right now marks Giambattista Valli’s debut in the realm of Haute Couture as the Roman designer signed his first Couture collection…. I must say that the collection is a real zero fault, with each and every piece absolutely stunning and just what you would expect from such a show. Also, Valli has proven wrong all the criticism about Haute Couture we have been hearing for a few years now, based on the fact that people do not like to dress up anymore, and speculation that these lines will soon disappear from the fashion industry.

The show provided us with aesthetic delights with the flower-appliqué (which I LOOVE) being featured in many of the looks. The pieces are delicately eye-catching and various, with the dancer influence quite palpable as well as the presence of animal prints and feathers. Touches of red and pink flirted with a sea of white for a luminous and bright line. Also, as a small bonus, love the golden belt you can see in a few of the looks. One would very possibly imagine herself wearing one of these outfits, thus we could say that the collection tends to lend a more “reachable” characteristic to Couture. (Well, the prices are still Couture as you might imagine….)

I imagine that, after looking at the pictures bellow, you will all join me in saying that Giambattita Valli earned himself a free-pass in the Haute Couture world….

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