Friday, 9 September 2011

LOV by Vanessa Bruno

The French designer decided to present her Fall/Winter collection in a eye-catching and original way by presenting a small film, directed by St├ęphanie Di Giusto, featuring the beautiful Kate Bosworth!

From cold and icy exteriors to warm interiors, the clip emphasizes on the natural elements and landscapes in general. Envelopping us in a spiral by the contrustion of the image as well as by the music, the film ends up in a love story at the end, as if all of it was finally leading there, making us understand the title. The presence of a Nordic landscape in a glazed paper aspect matched perfectly Kate Bosworth's cold beauty and frail figure.

Appart from the fact that I loved this short realization, finding the images extremely esthetic and in a way mystic, I adoooored the collection!!! Especially this outfit, here below...

Take a look for yourself by clicking here!

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