Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I believe I can fly!!

Trend Alert: The Feather Skirt!

It appears we are going to have fun this spring/summer as, along with the tulle skirt, the feather skirt is verrrry much IN! This item will be acting as your outfit’s statement piece, adding a playful and youthful aspect!

I am sure some of you will think that it is too extravagant or that it is quite hard to pull off, but, I assure you that by keeping the rest of the outfit low-key and sober, the feather skirt is completely and utterly wearable!!! And moreover, sooooooooo trendy!!!

Worn day or night, this original skirt will surely create an outfit to remember!

Take a look at how some of our favorite celebrities have interpreted that new trend and do not wait any longer to get YOURS by clicking here! (if you are a size 10 as it is the only one left!!!)

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