Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Let the swishing begin!!

It seems as if the concept of swapping clothes is everywhere and very much “IN”, as the V&A Museum in London is giving in the tendency.

As a matter of fact, this hype museum is organizing a “ Fashion Body Shape and Style” event this Saturday (the 19th) during which you are invited to bring your “chic, quality and unwanted” clothes in order to swap them with some you will be seduced by!The V&A goes even further by creating a whole day around the idea of body shape and how to tame its own body in order to dress the best way in regards to our own assets. Stylist as well as graduate from Fashion Design Schools will be on place to help women pick out outfits for night or day.

The event will be starting at 10:30am and will take place at the Sackler Center. A whole program is organized up until 16:30pm, rythmed by swapping periods and talks, revolving around female body image and style.

For all of you in London, do GO to this special event!!!! It will surely be fun, interesting and worthy even only for the treasures you might find there!

Click here for details on the program for that event!


G.M said...

Lucky Londoners! What fun! The idea of having professionals to help you put things together is fantastic. I bet that the queues will be enormous...but in London nobody seems to mind, and especially for an occasion like that.

Popy said...

@GM: I couldn't agree more, LUCKY LONDONERS!!!