Thursday, 31 March 2011

London Calling!!!!

As London is calling me BIG TIME and that, unfortunately, for the moment I am unable to answer it, I wished to take a virtual tour in the streets of this fashion capital and explore some of this week’s best street style.

Carnaby street, John Prince’s street, South Molton street and so on, don’t we all just adore London, the city were style is completely free, where you could even wear a plastic bag as a hat if you wished, without anyone judging you…. In London, all inhibitions can be released and space is made for imagination and creativity. Also, the fact that the city is surrounded with tons of amazing fashionable and edgy boutiques does help...

So, having said that, let’s take a walk in those streets….
In this first look, I especially love the lace-effect tights, the headband and the black shorts. A very eclectic look, enhanced by this fringe-like cropped jumper. It’s not easy to pull off that kind of look without it looking too strange, but this girl has managed it with great success. Love it!
A fashionable “écolière”. While we recognize the usual attires of student uniforms, the cardigan, the plaid skirt, the wool thighs… This girl gives a twist to the look, by adding a lace t-shirt and Richelieu shoes.
The jacket does everything in this look. While the other elements of the outfits are kept simple and sober, the destructured and voluminous jacket could be defined as what we call a “statement piece” without which the look wouldn’t give the same effect!
This look could be described a vintage lady-like. Love the oversize fur collar, and the tweed texture of the coat. Notice how the low-boots add a small rock vibe to the outfit.

Wear a blazer above a flowery dress and you got your feminine-masculine look we have been talking about for a while. Also, love the laced up low-boots and the tiny across-the-body bag.

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