Wednesday, 11 May 2011

McQueen Goes Gaga!!!

Some of you might have already come across these “specimen” which could really only come from McQueen, the master in fashion exuberance.

No only can I not imagine how it is possible to actually walk in those shoes, I very honestly do not find them aesthetically appealing at all! And yet, it might be because I am not Lady Gaga or that I do not identify myself in the Lady Gaga look! As if created only for the pop singer, these shoes have created a huge reaction wave in the fashion world, with many fashion magazine editors not knowing if the “right” thing is to love them or hate them… Well either way, one must notice them and in a way at least mention them for their revolutionary characteristic!!

For those crazy about these spectacular Mcqueen armadillo shoes, the great news is that, to celebrate MET’s Alexander McQueen retrospective, the ones behind the exhibition have released amazing replicas of this model at a incredible price of 25$. Quite a bargain right??

Before, clicking here, do not get over-excited as the item is “temporarily back ordered”, but I guess you can reserve one pair or at least ask to be notified when a new stock arrives. Judging by that I guess, that there are quite a number of fans of the Gaga style out there.....

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