Friday, 18 March 2011

Swedish Hasbeens!

Take a step further backwards in the 70's with the Swedish Hasbeens clogs on your feet! Based on the original 70's model that was found in an old clog factory in Stockholm, they were given a " goût du jour" spin, handmade by using ecological friendly materials. I don't know about you, but nothing feels like "Hasbeen" to me while looking at these clogs, and that is the beauty about fashion, how something so out at one point can come back in!

If you are in for a retro summer, than these shoe candies are for you. You can purchase them on the Topshop website by clicking here!

Here are my 3 favorites. Picture them worn with a flare high-waisted blue jeans and liberty shirt tucked in recovered by a colored crochet gilet, wearing butterfly-cut sunglasses.... So 1970 revisited!

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